How to increase potency in men

Most people think that stagnation in bed occurs in representatives of the stronger half of humanity closer to 40-50 years. But that's not true. Tips on how to increase potency in men.

Medical methods

There is a cure for male potency, because young guys in their 20s can face a similar problem. Bad habits, frantic pace of life, stressful situations, unhealthy diet, the presence of certain chronic diseases and much more - all this can cause "trouble" in bed. And then potency-enhancing drugs become a "life saver" for poor men who have lost faith in their masculinity and suffer in silence.

A man has increased his potency while maintaining a healthy sex life

How does the drug for male potency work?

These tablets save the situation when there is a problem with the appearance or maintenance of an erection during intimacy. Its formation is a very complex process that requires blood to fill the cavernous bodies of the penis and stay there exactly as long as necessary for quality sex, bringing pleasure to both partners.

Medicines for impotence increase the activity of nitric oxide, the main mediator ("conductor") of erection and slightly dilate blood vessels, which leads to a more active flow of blood to the penis, as a result of which it acquires a stable size and the necessary hardness.

Medicines begin to work only when there is an object of sexual desire. After taking them, young people can have 6-8 sexual relations, older people - 2-3. Millions of men around the world have already appreciated the results of their actions. They are the best sellers among products designed to fight erectile dysfunction. But original tablets are expensive. However, there are generic drugs that are manufactured in India. They are an order of magnitude cheaper, but have the same effect.


Despite the miraculous effect of drugs, you should not get carried away with them. They will help the stronger sex to deal with self-doubt and the fear of not being up to the task if the person has already had an unpleasant shame. Then, while waiting for the night of love, it won't be a bad idea to play it safe and take a life-saving male potency medicine. It will give confidence, calmness and provide an unforgettable experience for both.

Pharmaceutical drugs are good as first aid, but male potency drugs are essential. Treatment of the disease should begin with a visit to specialists who will determine the true causes of male impotence or if the sexual desire has disappeared.

Drug-free tips for male potency

Although impotence becomes more common with age, it is not necessarily an integral part of aging. How to increase potency in men and what can you do to maintain a healthy sex life?

  1. Listen to your diet!
    A diet that is bad for heart health can also be bad for erections. Research has shown that dieting, which can even lead to heart attacks by reducing blood flow to the arteries, also makes it difficult to supply blood to the penis, even though an adequate blood supply will be required for an erection. Low-fat vegetables and high-fat oils or fast food reduce blood circulation in the body.
    Recent studies show that erectile dysfunction is relatively rare among consumers of the traditional Mediterranean diet, mainly a diet that contains fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fats, seeds, fish and red wine.
    Experts say that the link between the Mediterranean diet and a healthy sex life has been scientifically proven. Sexy food is an understandable concept.
  2. Watch your weight!
    Being overweight causes a number of health problems, including type 2 diabetes, which causes nerve damage and negatively affects erections.
  3. Pay attention to your blood pressure and cholesterol level!
    High cholesterol and high blood pressure damage the blood vessels that carry blood to the penis, which can cause erectile dysfunction.
    Regularly check your blood pressure and cholesterol level with your doctor! We recommend that you measure your blood pressure regularly between medical examinations. High blood pressure makes it difficult to get an erection because it damages your arteries, so be sure to treat it.
  4. Reduce your alcohol consumption!
    Experts suggest that there is no direct evidence that moderate alcohol consumption will negatively affect erections, but regular, chronic drinking causes liver damage, nerve damage and other changes that affect male sex hormones, which can cause erectile dysfunction.
  5. Move regularly!
    There is a strong correlation between a sedentary lifestyle and erectile dysfunction. Running, swimming and other aerobic activities help prevent erectile dysfunction.
    Be aware of any form of movement that puts excessive pressure on the barrier between the scrotum and anus. Nerves and blood vessels connected to the penis can also be adversely affected due to excessive pressure on the barrier. For example, riding a bicycle can cause erectile dysfunction.
    Of course, the occasional short bike ride is not a problem, but for those who often spend a lot of time on the bike, it is important to make sure that their bike seat is properly adjusted and that the padded bike pants are not worn out. . It is worth organizing a special bicycle ride that protects the genital area from excessive pressure, including sexual dysfunction.
  6. Avoid using anabolic steroids!
    Anabolic steroids, used by most athletes and bodybuilders, can shrink the testicles, making it difficult to produce testosterone.
  7. Get used to not smoking!
    Smoking can seriously damage blood vessels, and nicotine will narrow them, reducing blood flow to the penis.
  8. Avoid extreme sexual positions!
    For some, it is important how to increase potency in men, because injuries are possible during sexual activity, so avoid extreme sexual positions.
  9. Reduce stress!
    Stress causes an increase in the level of the hormone adrenaline in the body, which causes contraction of blood vessels and makes it difficult to achieve an erection. By reducing stress, you can promote a better sex life!

Erection starts in the brain. What a person sees, feels, smells, hears or thinks causes nerves to send chemical signals to the blood vessels in your penis. Arteries relax and open to let in more blood; at the same time other veins close.

When blood enters the penis, pressure keeps it inside the corpus cavernosum. Your penis expands and maintains an erection over a period of time. When the blood flow stops and the veins open, your penis becomes soft.

So, understanding the physiological process of achieving an erection can help us understand how to increase potency in men in a whole new light.