Instructions for use Amarok

Amarok to restore libido, how to use

Instructions for use capsules Amarok

The instructions for use included in the package with the product will explain how to use capsules with maximum effect in order to strengthen the body in the shortest possible time, restore and prolong erectile function, and make the feelings of orgasm brighter and more intense. .

Take one capsule twice a day with water. Application does not depend on food intake. The pronounced therapeutic effect in chronic impotence is achieved after a month of use. Also, a drug to stimulate male sexual function can be used 10-15 minutes before sex to increase irritability and prolong sexual intercourse. But do not count on immediate results, if you have chronic problems with erectile function, the body will need time to recover.


  • Insecurity or fear of intercourse.
  • Insufficient or no erection.
  • Decreased sex drive due to stressful situations.
  • Insufficient duration of intercourse.
  • Reduced sensitivity when stroking.


Amarok contains only natural extracts, and therefore is not dangerous to men's health, it can be used by every man in Poland who has reached puberty. But before use, make sure you are not allergic to the individual components and ingredients of the capsules.